About Land Trust

 41 Years of Saving Land in Napa

Land Trust of Napa County is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land.  Established in 1976 by seven founding members, today the Land Trust has 1,700 active members and supporters.   In our 41-year history, we’ve completed 215 projects, protecting  65,000 acres of land – 12% of Napa County.

How We Do It

Conservation Easements

The Land Trust partners with individual land owners to develop the optimal conservation plan and preserve a portion of their land forever. Conservation easements offer landowners the opportunity to permanently restrict the use of their land, while maintaining ownership. LTNC works with land owners on easement donations, which can result in significant federal and state income tax benefits to the donor. As the holder of a conservation agreement, the Land Trust is responsible to monitor the land in the future, and we ask easement donors to help fund this cost. Learn More


The most direct way to protect land is to own it. The Land Trust owns thousands of acres of preserves in the Napa County. We have acquired this land primarily through donations from landowners.  In special circumstances we have acquired by outright purchase.

Property Transfers

Collaboration is a core value at the Land Trust, and nothing exemplifies this more than our partnerships with local, state and federal agencies as well as organizations (e.g. federal and state Fish and Wildlife agencies, State, County and City Parks Departments, Trust for Public Land, and The Nature Conservancy) to acquire open space, parks and wildlife refuges for public use.