As we protect lands, we must also protect the lakes, creeks, and watersheds that support both us and wildlife habitat.  The Land Trust is aimed at protecting water quality and the natural beauty of our waterways.

Our Impact: To date, the Land Trust has helped Napa County protect over 50 miles of waterways that provide everyday drinking water for Napa, St. Helena and Angwin, as well as recreation on the Napa River and Lake Berryessa.

Bruce and Martha Atwater (1997)

263 acres of open space, plantable vineyard, and forested watershed lands.

Sandia P. Banks (2004)

20 acres of native grasslands and vernal pools on Atlas Peak next to Milliken Watershed.

Joseph and Florence Barkley (1992)

451 acres forever-wild, grazing, and watershed lands above Lake Hennessey.

Anita and Oliver Pearson (2001)

14 acres of natural habitat and municipal watershed protection land, adjacent to City of Napa-owned

Milliken Reservoir property near Atlas Peak

Rattlesnake Ridge (2007) ~ Turley Wine Cellars Inc.

35 acres of vineyards and dense woodlands on the Howell Mountain ridgeline near Angwin. This property is also part of the agricultural watershed for nearby Conn and Putah Creeks, and the Friesen Lakes, water supply for the town of Angwin.

Spring Mountain (2009) ~ Carroll & Christina Ballard

58 acres atop Spring Mountain, spanning both Napa and Sonoma Counties, protects agriculturally productive land and relatively undisturbed stands of mixed hardwood/conifer forests along with headwaters for Santa Rosa Creek