Napa Valley Register - January 7, 2017

Vintner Dario Sattui has preserved 40 acres near Skyline Wilderness Park southeast of the city of Napa.[...]


Napa Valley Register - December 31, 2016

From land deals to science-based land management programs to partnerships with groups big and small, Land Trust of Napa County had a busy and effective 40th year in local land protection[...]


Napa Valley Register - November 26, 2016

Doug Parker stood where land preservation began for the Land Trust of Napa County more than 1,000 feet high on the slopes of Mount George[...]


Napa Valley Register - November 7, 2016

Land Trust of Napa County announced its fourth annual Acre by Acre Awards, honoring significant land conservation achievements by individuals and organizations[...]


Napa Valley Register - November 6, 2016

Linda Falls where Conn Creek tumbles 31 feet down volcanic rocks amid the forested mountains east of St. Helena is now doubly protected from development[...]


Napa Valley Register - November 4, 2016

Humboldt State University professor Stephen Sillett and his team recently traveled to a Land Trust of Napa County preserve as part of their collaborative research into the effects of climate change on redwood forests[...]


St. Helena Star - September 28, 2016

The Land Trust of Napa County has acquired 58 acres near Angwin that includes forested land and more than one-quarter mile of Bell Canyon Creek[...]


St. Helena Star - September 26, 2016

The Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District is the kind of success story that’s all too rare in local government[...]


Napa Valley Register - September 22, 2016

The Rutherford Dust Society will hold a town hall meeting on Oct. 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Rutherford Grange to learn about new legislation affecting gift conservation easements.[...]


Napa Valley Register - September 6, 2016

An 856-acre forest near Angwin with redwoods seldom found so far inland could soon be permanently preserved from chainsaws and development.[...]


Vallejo Times-Herald - August 9, 2016

Slightly more than 5,000 acres in Napa County are part of 20 California properties that may be permanently set aside[...]


Napa Valley Register - July 18, 2016

Jill Jacobs has joined the Land Trust of Napa County as its new major gifts officer.[...]


Napa Valley Register - July 8, 2016

As the Land Trust of Napa County celebrates 40 years of land protection, it is important to note that while one part of its mission is to save land, another is to carefully manage that land.[...]


St. Helena Star - June 23, 2016

The Land Trust of Napa County has closed a conservation easement donated by Larry Turley and Suzanne Chambers Turley on Highway 29 between St. Helena and Calistoga.[...]


St. Helena Star - June 20, 2016

It started with a dream. And then a lot of determination, hard work and accomplishments. Still dreams remain.[...]


Napa Valley Register - June 12, 2016

A deal coordinated by the Land Trust of Napa County will preserve 1,558 acres of ranch land — 2.4 square miles — along the remote, eastern side[...]


Napa Valley Register - May 9, 2016

Megan Hess Lilla doesn’t need Bay Area Bike to Work Day this Thursday as encouragement to get on her bicycle[...]


Napa Valley Register - May 6, 2016

The Land Trust of Napa County, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is offering special guided field trips around properties it has helped to preserve.[...]


Napa Valley Register - April 14, 2016

Land Trust of Napa County announced that David Beckstoffer is joining its board of trustees.[...]


Associated Press - April 5, 2016

Here's a wine country secret that can help you raise your glass and your heart rate. Along with the Napa Valley's famous wine-tasting trails, there are miles of scenic trails of the hiking variety, beckoning visitors who want to exercise more than their palates.[...]


Napa Valley Register - April 4, 2016

Land Trust of Napa County announced that Steve Carlin is joining its board of trustees.[...]


Napa Valley Register - March 14, 2016

Land Trust of Napa County announced Randy Skidmore as the Land Trust’s new conservation project manager.[...]


Napa Valley Register - January 30, 2016

Land Trust of Napa County is pleased to announce the protection of 50 acres at the Archer Taylor Preserve west of Napa. The conservation transaction protects the last two parcels owned by the Taylor sisters who worked for years to create this preserve.[...]


Napa Valley Register - January 6, 2016

Land Trust of Napa County is pleased to announce the closing of a conservation easement in St. Helena donated by Andy and Betty Beckstoffer.  The conservation easement will protect Las Piedras vineyard, located on the southern end of the City of St. Helena.  The 25-acre property can be seen from Sulphur Springs Avenue, at the entrance to the White Barn.

The property has a long history in Napa’s viticultural tradition.  It was first planted in grapes 170 years ago. [...]


Napa Valley Register - November 27, 2015

Land Trust of Napa County is pleased to announce the permanent protection of 110 acres rising from the western floor of Chiles Valley east of Angwin.  The property’s location is significant, providing a connection to other protected lands and ensuring wildlife corridors remain open.  The property’s western boundary abuts the 800-acre Las Posadas State Forest as well as forested lands owned by Pacific Union College.  

The land has significant natural values and this conservation project will ensure a corridor for wildlife, as well as protect part of the Maxwell Creek watershed leading into Chiles and Pope Valleys.  [...]


Napa Valley Register - October 23, 2015

For those who enjoy the sound of fallen maple leaves crunching underfoot while hiking scenic trails during Napa’s gorgeous fall and winter months, the Land Trust of Napa County’s field trip program is able to offer just that.

The program hosts an array of guided hikes, walks, paddles, and talks which serve to connect the Napa County and other Bay Area cities with our permanently protected lands. Not only do these outings provide recreational opportunities for the public on these cherished places, but they also provide a means to share the stories of how and why these lands have been protected, while also teaching about the ecological values that they provide. [...]


Napa Valley Register - August 13, 2015

Doug Parker looks at a map showing the Land Trust of Napa County’s 55,000 acres of protected lands — about 10 percent of the county — and sees more work to be done.

About 20 land-preserving projects are in the works, said Parker, the nonprofit group’s CEO. The focus ranges from oak woodlands to forests to rangeland to vineyards. A few projects could be wrapped up by year’s end and some of the bigger projects could close in 2016.

“This is a great time,” Parker said. “There’s probably some confluence of things that have come together. We, I think, have more projects going now than we ever had.” [...]


Napa Valley Register - July 21, 2015

The Land Trust of Napa County announced its fourth annual Acre by Acre Awards, honoring the significant land conservation achievements of individuals and organizations.

The 2015 awards went to Chip Bouril and Penny Proteau at the second annual Land Trust Cornerstone Society gathering earlier this summer.

Bouril and Proteau are longtime land preservation advocates and avid contributors to their community. Both have volunteered for approximately 20 years and average 200 hours of volunteer time annually for Land Trust of Napa County (LTNC) in various capacities. [...]


Napa Valley Register - June 26, 2015

Over the past year, the Land Trust of Napa County has been working collaboratively with multiple conservation partners to restore the stream-side habitat along Conn Creek within its Linda Falls Preserve.

The Linda Falls Preserve protects more than one mile of Conn Creek, a perennial tributary of the Napa River. Conn Creek feeds Lake Hennessey, the primary municipal water supply for the city of Napa.

Streamside, or riparian woodland is among the most biologically rich and productive habitat types in California. Unfortunately, it is also among the most threatened, with more than 90 percent lost statewide.  [...]


St. Helena Star - April 6, 2015

The Land Trust of Napa County’s mission is to preserve the character of Napa by permanently protecting land. We accomplish this by working with our community to protect agricultural land, water resources, scenic open space and biodiverse lands.

In our 39-year history, the Land Trust has protected 55,000 acres of land throughout Napa County — about 10 percent of Napa. In addition to completing 136 conservation easements with private landowners across the county, the Land Trust has assisted cities and other agencies to protect land for public use. [...]


Napa Valley Register - March 11, 2015

The Land Trust of Napa County has acquired 80 acres overlooking Capell Cove at the southern end of Lake Berryessa. The acquisition is surrounded by previously protected land, completing the protection of more than 700 acres of land.

“We were pleased to work with the owners of this land over the past year to fill in this ‘doughnut hole,’ the last piece of unprotected land within this 700-acre area,” said Doug Parker, CEO of the Land Trust. “There were several owners of the property in far-flung locations, as far away as Tokyo, but we were able to come to terms and complete this transaction.”  [...]


Napa Valley Register - January 29, 2015

The Land Trust of Napa County has received a $10,000 donation from The Hess Collection, generated by the winery’s participation in the "One Percent for the Planet" environmental advocacy program.

The 380-acre Archer Taylor Preserve, a permanently protected wildlife habitat managed by the Land Trust, is located near the winery.  [...]


Napa Valley Register - December 26, 2014

Winter is upon us and, like many others, we here at the Land Trust have been overjoyed to see rain falling on our parched landscape!

In many areas, the onset of winter initiates a silent and still time on the land when plants and animals slow down, become inactive, or migrate to warmer areas.

In stark contrast, the arrival of winter in Napa County’s wildlands signals the end of the long, hot, dry season and a time to revive, grow and reproduce. Flowering plants, fruiting fungi, traveling amphibians, hydrating mosses and lichens, and overwintering birds all contribute to the flurry of activity that characterizes winter in Napa. [...]


Napa Valley Register - December 1, 2014

CARNEROS — The Napa Valley’s quilt-work of vines, woodland and meadows is impressive even from a bird’s-eye view or a passing vehicle. But other local vistas, other sights and sounds of the wine country, can be off-limits or difficult to find – except on certain weekend mornings.

Walking tours led by volunteers with the Land Trust of Napa County provide a view of the landscape, flora and fauna that can open the eyes even of those living nearby. Last month, the route of discovery was a steep path up the hills of the Carneros district, where a dozen day hikers received a taste of the valley beyond its vineyards. [...]


Napa Valley Register - October 24, 2014

As fall begins in Napa County, gardening may not be the prime topic of interest on one’s mind. However, for growers of California native plants, planting season is quickly approaching. [...]


Napa Valley Register - July 1, 2014

The Land Trust of Napa County awarded its 2014 Acre by Acre Award on June 14 to Andy and Betty Beckstoffer, honoring the significant land conservation achievements of individuals and organizations. [...]


Napa Valley Register - June 27, 2014

Land protection is the name of the game here at the Land Trust of Napa County. After all, it’s been what we do since our inception in 1976; we save land permanently. This includes the 22,000 acres of conservation easements, the 8,000 acres of permanent preserves and the 24,000 acres of collaborative projects. [...]


St. Helena Star - June 17, 2014

The Land Trust of Napa County has acquired 1,380 acres of the Sutro Ranch, the largest land gift the organization has received in its 38-year history. It will become its second largest preserve, second only to the Dunn-Wildlake Ranch Preserve.

The land was a gift from the estate of Elizabeth “Betty” Sutro, who with her husband, John, purchased Sutro Ranch in 1950 and enjoyed it as a weekend and summer retreat until her death in 2012. [...]


Napa Valley Register - June 7, 2014

The Land Trust of Napa County, the Rodgers family and Bettinelli Vineyards announced the closing of six conservation easements on the Rodgers’ Upper Ranch property between Silverado Trail and Lake Hennessey.

The easement will permanently protect 442 acres in its wild state, while allowing for the development of about 100 acres of vineyard, the Land Trust said.

The Rodgers’ Upper Ranch property includes more than 250 acres of blue oak, coast live oak and mixed oak woodlands overlooking both Napa Valley and Lake Hennessey. [...]


Wine Business - May 27, 2014

The Land Trust of Napa County has received a generous gift of $21,000 from noted vintner Dan Duckhorn and Duckhorn Wine Company. The gift was distributed to the Land Trust after shareholders chose to donate the funds and Duckhorn selected the Land Trust as the beneficiary.

Duckhorn, chairman of the board/founder, and Alex Ryan, president and CEO, of Duckhorn Wine Company, presented the check to Doug Parker, president and CEO of Land Trust of Napa County and Jim Verhey and John Henshaw, trustees of the Land Trust.

Duckhorn stated, “We have made our winemaking home amid the beauty of Napa Valley for almost 40 years. Duckhorn Wine Company was actually founded in 1976, the same year the Land Trust of Napa County was established. As I’ve watched the valley change over the years, it has become deeply apparent how important the Land Trust’s work is. With 53,000 acres protected to date, its efforts make a meaningful difference in the lives of everyone who calls Napa County home. The Trust’s conservation and preservation agreements also ensure that generations to come will be able to experience what makes Napa County one of the most remarkable places on earth.” [...]


Napa Valley Register - April 4, 2014

There’s that old saying about spring rains bringing spring flowers. We celebrate the winter rains (whenever they come) as they help to rejuvenate the land and watersheds after the typical hot, dry California summers. Amateur and professional botanists, land managers, naturalists and citizen scientists welcome those first glimpses of early spring blooms, knowing all too well that wildflowers give way to less desirable plants, like yellow star thistle. [...]


Napa Valley Register - January 13, 2014

Long Meadow Ranch and the Land Trust of Napa County announced Monday the donation of a conservation easement over an 11-acre prime vineyard parcel in Rutherford.

Long Meadow Ranch proprietors Ted, Laddie and Chris Hall have relinquished entitlements to build a winery and a residence on the parcel. The Halls also extinguished rights for any commercial purpose unrelated to agriculture.

The new easement, to be known as Long Meadow Ranch V, is the fifth major conservation easement created by Long Meadow Ranch and its affiliates, the Halls said in a release. This new gift brings the total land under conservation easements created by the Halls to 395 acres. [...]


Napa Valley Register - December 27, 2013

Winter months in Napa County offer a range of natural displays that are unique to this time of year and provide exceptional sights. Throughout the Land Trust of Napa County’s many protected open spaces, deciduous native vegetation such as black oak, big leaf maple, buckeye and poison oak have lost their leaves, while tiny buds begin to form on their seemingly bare stems in preparation for new spring growth. [...]


Napa Valley Register - December 19, 2013

The Land Trust of Napa County has been awarded accreditation by the national Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance.

The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction in land conservation, signifying that the accredited group meets national standards for excellence, upholds the public trust and ensures that conservation efforts are permanent, the local land trust said in a release.

There are more than 1,700 land trusts across the country and fewer than 15 percent have been awarded accreditation. [...]


2013 Awards to be presented on September 21 at Odette Estate Winery

July 12, 2013, Napa, CA - The Land Trust of Napa County (LTNC) is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Acre by Acre Awards, honoring the significant land steward achievements of individuals and organizations from the local area, region and nationwide.a [...]


Napa Valley Register Editorial Board – 9th February, 2013

Little, if anything, in the Land Trust of Napa County’s mission is temporary. The group’s panoptic objective is the perpetual preservation of land in Napa County.

And when eternity is your aim, leasing office space does not fit the business plan. As such, in 2012, the organization set out to purchase the historic Borreo Building in downtown Napa [...]


St. Helena Star – 23rd August, 2012

The Land Trust of Napa County will hold its inaugural Acre by Acre Awards & Auction, which includes a gala dinner, on Saturday, Oct. 13 at Kenzo Estate, which abuts the Trust’s Foote Preserve on Mount George in the Coombsville Appellation [...] – 24th September, 2012

You won’t see any signs indicating which of the 53,000 acres in Napa Valley have been preserved from development by the Land Trust of Napa County, but the organization’s efforts to protect the character of Napa Valley help maintain the quality of life for everyone who lives or works there and for close to five million people who visit the area each year [...]


Napa Valley Register -  14th December 2011

Sitting amidst faux French chateaux and imported Italian castles, the Rossi ranch is a vestige of old Napa: A tiny, white, pitched-roof house, a barn and a tank house [...]


Wine -  7th December 2011


Wine Business Daily via Napa Valley Register -  17th October 2011


Napa Valley Register -  15th August 2011



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