This November, we have the opportunity to protect our water and natural areas right here in Napa County - by voting YES on Measure Z.


The Land Trust of Napa County is excited to endorse Measure Z, a local measure that will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot. Here at the Land Trust, we are committed to protecting open space and natural areas close to home, and Measure Z will do just that.


Land Trust of Napa County strongly supports Measure Z and

we hope you vote “YES on Z” on Nov. 8th.


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Protecting Napa County for Future Generations

We must act now to protect Napa County's natural areas, parks and water. The longer we wait to make these essential protections, the more expensive it will be. Without Measure Z, unprotected natural land could eventually be lost. Measure Z is the only way to protect our essential open space and natural wildlife for generations to come.

Protecting Our Local Water

We are in the fourth year of a historic drought and need to protect our water resources. Napa County is home to watersheds, rivers and creeks; we need to protect our local water supply and preserve our water quality and quantity.

Protecting Open Space

Measure Z will protect over 30,000 acres of rolling hills, watersheds, creeks and open space right here in our community, protecting essential natural areas, wildlife habitat and valuable agricultural land.

Maintaining Parks and Trails

Measure Z will improve our local parks and protect the walking, hiking, biking and equestrian trails we all enjoy in Napa County, providing a safe place for adults, teens and children to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Vote YES on Measure Z: Preserve Local Water, Parks and Open Space

  • Protect water resources, quality and quantity
  • Restore and protect watersheds, rivers and creeks
  • Manage vegetation to preserve biodiversity and reduce wildfire risk
  • Protect natural areas and wildlife habitat
  • Improve and maintain existing parks
  • Maintain and enhance walking, hiking, biking and equestrian trails

Measure Z Gives Napa County Local Control over Local Needs

  • Independent citizen oversight will ensure all funds are spent as promised
  • Annual financial audits are required
  • Every penny will stay in Napa County and funds cannot be taken away by the State
  • To pass, Measure Z must be supported by 67% of those who vote


By mail or on Tuesday, November 8,

vote YES on Measure Z!